Looking to grow your business?

Social media platforms such as  FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn are all great platforms for businesses to increase their brand awareness, build relationships with customers, and achieve every business’s main objective – drive sales.

…and, having a good social media presence can help your business grow, tremendously!

Just think of social media as a loudspeaker for your business! 🔊 It helps you to amplify your voice and cast your net to reach a wider audience.

But don’t go casting your net just yet, and jumping straight into a social media marketing strategy without determining your target audience! You want to ensure your net reaches those who truly want to listen.

So, how do you find the right audience for your business?

One of the easiest ways to define your audience is by creating a persona.

A persona is a fictional character that represents the key traits of your ideal customer and helps you to better understand their needs, goals, and motivations.

Let’s break it down into 3 simple identifiable categories:

The demographics
Determine the demographics of your customers such as age, gender and geographic location as well as income (be discreet about the last one!)

What can you help your customers solve and achieve?
Think of the benefits your customers would get from using your products or services

The obstacles
What could stand between you and your customers from eventually buying or using your products or services? (Hint hint: pricing, maybe?)

Tailor your message to suit their palate
When you’ve identified who exactly you are trying to reach, it gets a whole lot easier to connect and start a conversation with them. Create content that appeals to your audience. But remember to stay true to yourself and your brand.

Create content by solving problems and introduce your brand, business or product to potential customers as a solution. For existing customers, update them about new products and services or entice them to purchase your products or use your service again.

And remember to refer to your persona research when creating your content for social media posts and you can’t go far wrong. By determining the right target audience, you’ll get to maximise your marketing budget!

By focusing on a defined audience, not only will it help you to craft your message and content to suit your target audience but also help you to market your products and services cost-effectively. Instead of wasting time, money and resources in trying to reach a huge number of people who may not even be interested in your what you have to offer, focus your efforts on those who are favourable to purchasing or using your products or services.

And now that you understand the importance of targeting the right audience, it’s time to try it out! But don’t limit yourself to just a single platform… with so many social media platforms to help put your business out there, it’s time to get started on building a successful social media strategy.